Thursday, June 4, 2009

i cracked.

i know none of you know me , but im going to let you in on something.

I'm a fifteen year old girl who works like once a week and has a reaaaally bad spending habit, really bad, like "saving" is not in my vocabulary - bad. Not good right? I know, I know, lots of people have this issue too but my mom (strict!) is actually allowing me a trip by myself to British Columbia this summer, under one condition, i have to save up for it - myself. SAY WHAT. I can't save money to save my life, but now it's become a must if i want to travel and visit my cousin and SHOP!

So um, i cracked, i did it. I gave my mother ( DRAMATIC PAUSE ) MY DEBIT CARD. You don't even know how important my debit card is to me, it's become apart of me and goes absolutely everywhere with me!

what to do, what to do!

So now, im living off very little cash and makeup shopping isn't in the near future. This is depressing. So i guess im going to start that "Project Ten Pan" that i read off Temptalia, good idea but i don't know how i'll do it, NO, I will do it. Must.

Anybody else going through something similar? Let me know!

love you ! & wish me luck ! xoxo

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pro-V Restoratives Time Renewal Replenishing Mask

Pro-V Restoratives Time Renewal Replenishing Mask


- What it claims to do : Our advanced conditioning treatment helps quench parched hair, leaving hair smooth and restored while shielding it from damage.
-How to use : use once a week, and if deep conditioning is needed, leave in for five minutes.
- Price : I purchased this product for $9.99 CAD
- How do i like it? : I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!
- Why? : My damaged (daily flat iron usage), coarse, dry hair was super parched and had tons of frizzies. After using this product for about three weeks now, i can definetly see and FEEL an difference! I can actually run my fingers through my hair, with no issues, only the feeling of soft, silky hair! Miracles i tell you.
- Would I buy it again? : Yes! Of course and it doesnt hurt either, at $9.99 a jar!
- Last words : So next time you are just browsing around your local drugstore, i highly recommend this product!

If you have tried this product, feel free to leave your thoughts! and if not, i hope it works out for you as well as it did for me!

Good Luck!
xoxo, Jess

Friday, May 8, 2009

hair hair hair ,

confession :

im going to be completely honest, i suck when it comes to my hair.
ive never used conditioner much and flat ironed it EVERYDAY.
yes, you heard it right, every single day. (its a fifteen year old's addiction)
so pretty much my hair goes through heat damage everyday with very little protection and repair.
so when i realized my hair was a bit to dry for life, i went to my local London Drugs and picked up
some well needed products.

- Herbal Essence's Hydralicious conditioner and shampoo for dry/damaged hair (purple one)
- Pantene Pro V Restoratives Time Renewal Replenishing Mask 9.99 CAD

lets just say thank goodness for these products, my hair is softer and i can actually run my fingers through it. yay right ?!?

ps. reviews soon ! PROMISE .

xoxo jess !

Sunday, May 3, 2009

oh no.

oh dear, im really bad at this blogging thing, sorry.
i will update more when schools out! promise. :)

xoxo jess

Friday, February 20, 2009


Soooo guess what happened today? if your a reader living in Canada go to your London Drugs! i was just strolling around the store when i saw the new Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen! It's a liquis eyeliner pen just like the MAC's Penultimate just like $9-10 bucks cheaper! But this week they hdappen to have a special, WITH ANY PURCHASE OF A REVLON EYE PRODUCT, RECIEVE A FREE EYELASH CURLER. yeah, that's right ladies & gents an eyelash curler! and if your like me and has been using the oldest one for like a billion years, its the perfect time for a change! And if you happen to be a fan of Annabelle Cosmetics, they're having a BOGO on all their products, i also saw 20% off all Covergirl products AND the Lise Watier brushes were 50% off!!! so hurry on over for some drugstore deals! From the 17th to the 22nd of february!

p.s i know im really bad at this blogging thing but im not going to stop anytime soon!

xoxo, jess

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


i was invited to the mac hello kitty event a couple weeks ago and yesterday was the date! and just let me say OHMYGOODNESS. everything was SUPER CUTE, i like wanted to die. i ended up going home with only 7 things but im definitley looking forward to going back. i purchased :

- tahitian sand beauty powder
- pretty baby beauty powder
- fun and games blush
- cute-ster lipstick
- mimmy tinted lipglass
- pink fish tinted lip conditioner
- popster tinted lip conditioner

i stil havent used anything cause its tooo cuuute! but i will like in a couple days and ill have pictures and swatches for you all! the hello kitty brush set is so adorable, as well as everything else in the store, lets just say my wallet already hurts. oh and i saw the cream team collection and it os GORGEOUS. im definitley going to be picking up the lipglass in boy bait and partial to pink!


ps. i know i said i would try to update as much as i could but this is way harder than i thought! i'll keep trying! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

new year, new blog & of course new makeup.

heeyy! happy new year and welcome to a brand new beauty blog! im super excited about this and im going to keep you all posted on product reviews, swatches and lots of random stuff related to beauty. thanks for reading my little blog and stay beautiful!

♥ J