Wednesday, February 4, 2009


i was invited to the mac hello kitty event a couple weeks ago and yesterday was the date! and just let me say OHMYGOODNESS. everything was SUPER CUTE, i like wanted to die. i ended up going home with only 7 things but im definitley looking forward to going back. i purchased :

- tahitian sand beauty powder
- pretty baby beauty powder
- fun and games blush
- cute-ster lipstick
- mimmy tinted lipglass
- pink fish tinted lip conditioner
- popster tinted lip conditioner

i stil havent used anything cause its tooo cuuute! but i will like in a couple days and ill have pictures and swatches for you all! the hello kitty brush set is so adorable, as well as everything else in the store, lets just say my wallet already hurts. oh and i saw the cream team collection and it os GORGEOUS. im definitley going to be picking up the lipglass in boy bait and partial to pink!


ps. i know i said i would try to update as much as i could but this is way harder than i thought! i'll keep trying! :)

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